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The Spanish and Business program is designed for students wishing to complement their Spanish language education with the tools necessary to work and communicate with companies operating in Spanish speaking countries.

The course will be divided into the following modules: Commercial Spanish and Business Management.
The Commercial Spanish module will provide students with a better understanding of the use of Spanish in commercial situations, including common business terms and vocabulary, comprehension of lectures, business documents, and common transactional dialogue, as well as the creation of a business and banking operations.

The Business Management module will teach students the basic principles of entrepreurship, so that after the course they will be able to create, develop, and value business plans. To achive this the course will focus on themes related to the three central areas of a business (marketing, organization, and finance) and topics related to external commerce (imports and exports).  The methodology will primarily include the analysis of case studies.

The Business Management portion of the course will be taught in Spanish, in order to further refine what was learned in the Commercial Spanish module.  However, the professors are bilingual, and as such will be able to answer doubts or concerns in English.


MODULE I: COMMERCIAL SPANISH. Duration: 3 weeks. 50 hours.

Course description and introduction to Commercial Spanish.
1. Businesses: types, structures and departments of a business.
2. Human resources: the résumé and job interview process in Spanish.
3. Business Spanish: buying and selling, business correspondence, import-export and presentation of commercial documents.
4. Financial Spanish: accounting, banking, markets and taxes.

MODULE II: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Duration: 2 weeks. 40 hours.

Course description and introduction to Business Spanish.
1. Marketing: commercial management and international trade.
2. Corporate Finance: Sources and uses of financing and financial analysis.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate of accreditation reflecting the hours taken will be awarded.
In order to recieve official certification, each student must regularly attend and particiapte in class and complete the required assignment at the end of each module.

The price of this course is 1,200 euros, which includes enrollment, course materials, exam fees, and the official certification.
With regards to housing, we recommend home stays to better facilitate language practice and exposure to Spanish culture. The price for housing during the five weeks of the course is 800 euros, and includes accomodation in a double room and all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

We advise each student to sign up for a medical and accident insurance plan while enrolled.  The price of this plan during the five weeks of the course is 75 euros, and it covers all medical attention, including hospitalization, up to 3000 euros.


Universitas Castellae
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Universitas Castellae is a private institution, dedicated to the investigation and specialization in teaching the Spanish language to university students of other countries. The Universitas Castellae professional team is composed of highly qualified professors and researchers in the field of Hispanic studies, from both foreign and Spanish universities.
As part of its commitment to higher education, Universitas and its collaborating institutions aim to broaden research in the fields of Spanish language and literature. Their publications include the annual literary journals Siglo Diecinueve, Hecho Teatral, La Nueva Literatura Hispánica and Revista Iberoamericana de Lingüística, and collections such as Español Lengua Extranjera, Anejos Siglo Diecinueve, Cultura Iberoamericana and an annual International Conference organized with McGill University.
Universitas Castellae is aware of the growing importance of Spanish in the business world. For that reason, we offer through our business school (Universitas Castellae School of Business) a program in Spanish and Business. This course of study is especially useful for students of Spanish who expect to work in import-export ventures or with businesses based in the Spanish-speaking market.

The city of Valladolid is famous for the purity of its spoken “Castellano”, or Castilian Spanish. Founded in the Middle Ages, it came to be the nation's capital during the rule of the Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Isabella. It functioned as head of the Empire for many years before the Royal Court moved permanently to Madrid in the 17 th century. Today, it is the largest regional capital in Europe. Valladolid is attractive for its winding, narrow streets and secluded Medieval patios, yet it is a modern city, with a population of nearly 400,000.
Valladolid is a city of rich and well-celebrated historical and cultural heritage. The city offers a diverse array of important museums, including: the world famous National Religious Sculpture Museum, situated within the splendid frame of the Colegio de San Gregorio; the Oriental Museum ; the Contemporary Art Museum and the Wine Museum of Peñafiel. The Cathedral of Valladolid and the churches of San Miguel, La Cruz and Las Angustias conserve many objects of great artistic value, while the churches of San Pablo and La Antigua are true architectural treasures in themselves. Valladolid offers a full program of recreational and cultural activities (ceramics workshops, theatre, regional dance, concerts, performances…). It hosts the Cinema International Festival (SEMINCI) in October, and it has one of the most impressive Holy Weeks in the world.

Universitas Castellae enjoys an ideal setting in the heart of Valladolid’s historical downtown, and offers updated classrooms conducive to the study of Spanish.

Edificio Nº. 2
Plaza del Viejo Coso, 5
47003 Valladolid (Spain)

Tel.: +34 983 377508 / +34 629 388777
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